Mary Lou Gonzales

Director II of Human Resources
Phone: (760) 848-1086


Position & Responsibilities

Cindy Maldonado
Phone: (760) 848-1083
Email Cindy
Human Resources Assistant
Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, New Hire Files,
Employee Services, Seniority List,
Employee Anniversary, Records
Edgard Angulo
Phone: (760) 848-1086
Email Edgard
Recruitment Specialist
Applicant Inquiries, Applicant Tracking
Recruitment Testing, Student/Workability,
TB Monitor, Volunteer Placement
Jasmine Persaud
Phone: (760) 848-1224
Email Jasmine
HR Specialist
Extended Leaves, TB Tracking,
Volunteers, Change of Name and Address
Maricela Reyes
Phone: (760) 848-1092
Email Maricela
HR Classified Sub Clerk
Classified Substitute hire and placement,
Aesop Expert

Employment Opportunities

EdJoin is the internet application you use to apply for a certificated, classified, management, and substitute positions at Coachella Valley Unified School District (CVUSD).
To use EdJoin, access the Internet and, from your web browser, go to From this web site, you can review job postings, create an EdJoin profile, and submit and follow-up on employment applications.

Classified Employment

Classified Management Employment

Report an Absence & Request a Sub

Frontline Education