Superintendent Dr. Edwin Gomez

Dr. Edwin Gomez

Assistant Superintendents

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Maria Gandera

Dr. Maria Gandera
Human Resources

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Donna Salazar

Dr. Donna Salazar
Educational Services


Director of Budgets Veronica Zepeda

Veronica Zepeda

Child Welfare & Attendance

Norma Rodriguez
Child Welfare & Attendance

Director of Children & Family Services

Delilah Salado
Children & Family Services

Director of Elementary Education

Manuela Silvestre
Elementary Education

Director of English Language Learners

Hidali Garcia
English Language Learners

Director of Fiscal Services

Mayela Salcedo
Fiscal Services

Director II of Human Resources

Marylou Gonzales
Human Resources

Director Facilities, Maintenance & Operations

Andy Jenkins
Facilities, Maintenance & Operations

Director Nutrition Services

Marcus Alonzo
Nutrition Services

Director of Purchasing Molly Aguilar

Molly Aguilar

Director of Security & Safety

Raul Herrera
Security & Safety

Director of Special Education Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro Gonzalez
Special Education

Director of State & Federal Projects

Lorelei Ceja
State & Federal Programs

Director of Technology Services

Israel Oliveros
Technology Services

Director of Transportation Apolonio Del Toro

Apolonio De Toro


Bobby Duke Middle School Principal, Encarnacion Becerra

Encarnacion Becerra
Bobby Duke Middle School

Cahuilla Desert Academy Principal, Michael Reule

Michael Reule
Cahuilla Desert Academy

Cesar Chavez Elementary School Principal, Robert Hughes Jr

Robert Hughes Jr
Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Coachella Valley Adult School Principal, Jereme Weischedel

Jereme Weischedel
Coachella Valley Adult School

Coachella Valley High School Interim Principal, Karen Perez-Waligun

Karen Perez-Waligun
Coachella Valley High School

Coral Mountain Academy School Principal, Humberto Alvarez

Humberto Alvarez
Coral Mountain Academy School

Desert Mirage High School Principal, Maria Mcleod

Maria Mcleod
Desert Mirage High School

John Kelley Elementary School Principal, Mary Padilla

Mary Padilla
John Kelley Elementary School

La Familia High School Principal, Hector Valdez

Hector Valdez
La Familia High School

Las Palmitas Elementary School Principal, Michael Williams

Michael Williams
Las Palmitas Elementary School

Mecca Elementary School Principal, Graciela Avalos

Graciela Avalos
Mecca Elementary School

Mountain Vista Elementary School Principal, Valerie Perez

Valerie Perez
Mountain Vista Elementary School

Oasis Elementary School Principal, Dora Flores

Dora Flores
Oasis Elementary School

Peter Pendleton Elementary School Principal, George Zavala

George Zavala
Palm View Elementary School

Palm View Elementary School Principal, Armando Rivera

Armando Rivera
Peter Pendleton Elementary School

Saul Martinez Elementary School Principal, Delia Alvarez

Delia Alvarez
Saul Martinez Elementary School

Sea View Elementary School Principal, Timothy Steele

Timothy Steele
Sea View Elementary School

Toro Canyon Middle School Principal, Charles Housewright Ii

Charles Housewright II
Toro Canyon Middle School

Valle del Sol Elementary School Principal, Sean Mcquown

Sean Mcquown
Valle del Sol Elementary School

Valley View Elementary School Interim Principal,  Carla Rizya

Carla Rizya
Valley View Elementary School

West Shores High School Principal, Richard Pimentel

Richard Pimentel
West Shores High School

Westside Elementary School Principal, Rosemary Hyder

Rosemary Hyder
Westside Elementary School