Student Trustee

The CVUSD School Board adopted Board Policy 9150:

Student Board Members to enhance communication and engagement between the CVUSD Governing Board and the student body, providing students the opportunity to learn about the importance of civic engagement. The Board Policy was to lead to the participation of high school students in district governance as Student Trustees.


Student leadership at CVUSD is about motivating, influencing, facilitating, and guiding our CVUSD students to collaborate and advocate around the district vision through the lens of our student body. By serving on the School Board, Student Board Members will have the opportunity to further develop competencies in

Critical Thinking Community
Effective Communication Scholarship
Advanced Organization Leadership
Creativity Compassion
These competencies contribute to a graduate portrait of a successful CVUSD graduate who is college, career, and life ready. The Student Trustee role extends that opportunity by empowering our students to take on leadership responsibility. One way to nurture our students' curiosity and interest in district governance is by engaging them in the policies and regulations guiding CVUSD.


Past Student Trustees