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Budget Committee



  • Valerie Garcia
    Board Member
  • Adonis Galarza-Toledo
    Board Member
  • Jocelyn Vargas
    Board Member

Committee Liaison

  • Mayela Salcedo
    Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

The Budget Advisory Committee is established via Administrative Regulation 3100

Membership of the district's budget advisory committee may include representatives of each of the following groups:
1. Governing Board members, provided that less than a majority of the Board serves on the committee
2. District and school site administrators
3. Representatives of bargaining units
4. Certificated and/or classified staff
5. Parents/guardians
6. Representatives of the business community and/or other community members
7. Students
The committee's duties may include, but are not necessarily limited to:
1. Making recommendations regarding budget priorities which align with the district's vision, goals, priorities, local control and accountability plan (LCAP), and other comprehensive plans
2. Recommending cost reduction strategies, such as identifying services that may be reduced, made more efficient, or discontinued
3. Reviewing the clarity and effectiveness of budget documents and communications
4. Presenting progress reports on the committee's work and a final report of recommendations to the Superintendent or designee and to the Board
The specific duties of the committee shall be clearly defined and presented to each member in writing, along with any background information necessary for the successful completion of the committee's charges, the timelines for reporting the committee's progress, and timelines for completion of each task.


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