CVUSD Transformational Model Goals:

To foster a school environment where students feel welcomed and interconnected; acquire social-emotional skills and academic tools; and increase positive school relations and attendance.

CVUSD Transformational Model Objectives

  • Provide district staff with Professional Development on the MTSS components of: PBIS, Transformational Learning, and Restorative Practices;

  • Build a district community providing Social-Emotional Learning while modeling targeted behavior interventions and utilizing common language to establish community expectations;

  • Model, Teach and Acknowledge tools to Self-Regulate, strengthen Coping Skills for all CVUSD community members in order to improve mental wellbeing and increase academic success;

  • Provide a healthy learning environment for students and staff to build positive relationships and interpersonal skills.

CVUSD Transformational Model Logo

Coachella Valley Unified School District began developing the Transformational Model in 2017 with a team made up of Teachers, Administrators, Therapists, Parents and Students.


Teaching the students of the Coachella Valley Unified School District to be able to: 

  • Adapt to new environments/experiences

  • Connect with and value themselves, their community and culture

  • Restore relationships if harm has occurred. 

CVUSD Universal Expectations PBIS


Transformational Components

What does the Transformational Model look like in our school?


Adapt to new environments/experiences.   

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • Targeted Behaviors: Each school selects 3 behaviors for the year to target as a school site to improve academic success.
  • CVUSD Universal Expectations:
    • Be Safe
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
  • Behavior Matrix: Each school creates and teaches expected behaviors for specific locations and activities (ex. playground, library, cafeteria)
  • PBIS Leads: Each school has a teacher assigned as the schools PBIS lead.
  • PBIS Rewards: Schools use the PBIS Rewards app for students to earn points for demonstrating good behaviors. These points can be redeemed for reward prizes.
  • PBIS Social Skills: Student are provided with instruction on the 16 Social Skills that all students should know in order to be successful in the school environment.
Office Expectations MV
MV Playground Expectations
PBIS Rewards


Connect and value themselves, their community and culture

Transformational Learning

  • Students at taught that they all have a Significant Purpose.
  • Lessons build connections to the communities the student belongs to:
    • Family
    • School
    • Community
    • Culture
    • Global Community
  • Lessons are focused around themes that build a sense of belonging and mutual respect, acknowledging that all people are unique and have value.
  • Schools host Transformational Group Circles. All circles are hosted by trained facilitators for various programs to support students in a smaller group setting. Groups include:
    • Xinachtli
    • Joven Noble
    • Girasol
    • Community Building
Xinachtli Logo
Joven Noble Logo
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Restore relationships if harm has occurred. 

Restorative Justice

  • All classrooms are encouraged to participate in community building activities throughout the year.
  • The district is training staff in Harm & Conflict Circles to allow for conflict resolution.
  • Students (TK-12) are being taught to recognize their emotions and how to use coping skills and strategies to self regulate.
  • Whenever possible, mistakes are turned into teachable moments.
  • All sites utilize a Check In Check Out process to monitor and encourage positive behavioral changes.
  • Students returning to schools from placements are offered reintegration plans.
  • Students are encouraged to utilize forms restitution when harm has occurred.
  • The district utilizes a large variety of alternate means of correction.


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Restorative Circles
Restorative Talk