Multicultural Studies

Course Description

UCOP A-G Approved: Section B – English – Grades 10

Multicultural Literature is designed for students interested in studying various Multicultural writers and the relationship of the selected readings to each writer’s cultural background. The course will utilize classic and contemporary literary works representing a variety of cultures and races, encourage students to see their own culture from another culture’s point of view, and foster critical and deep discussions for rigorous written responses (essays) that cultivate deep critical thinking. This class will feature both fiction and non-fiction literature written by African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Chicana/os Latina/os, and Native Indigenous peoples. Throughout this course, instruction will focus on thematic units, historical research and self-analysis. Multicultural Literature will explore four different racial ethnicities in the United States (African American, Asian-Americans, Native- Indigenous, and Chicana/os Latina/os), paying particular attention to how the literature explores racism, discrimination, and rises above oppression. In this literature course, students will closely examine the critical relationships of the authors who challenged the discourse of American socio-political policy and commentary to move towards a more socially just and caring world for everyone.