Our Team

Dr. Maria Gandera

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Phone: (760) 848-1091

Lorena Servin

Executive  Assistant, Human Resources
Phone: (760) 848-1091



Maria McLeod

Director of Human Resources
Phone: (760) 848-1081

Colleen Pardy

Director of Human Resources
Phone: (760) 848-1083

Certificated Staff


Position & Responsibilities

Phone: (760) 848-1090

Email Diana

Substitute Clerk Certificated
Certificated Substitute hire and placement, AESOP, Certified LiveScan Operator, Certificated Substitute Tuberculosis Compliance, Letters of Reasonable Assurance

Phone: (760) 848-1085

Email Esmeralda

Credential Analyst
Credentials, Assignment and Monitoring Review, Employee Anniversaries, Yearly Step Increases, CalPADS, Seniority, certified LiveScan Operator, Pre-school, and staff support

Phone: (760) 848-1082

Email Sharon

Human Resources Assistant
Expiring Credentials, credentials, certified LiveScan Operator, Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, New Hires, Transcript & Salary Placement, Certificated Administrators, Special Education

Phone: (760) 848-1095

Email Vicky

Teacher Support Specialist

BTSA Induction, Peer Assistance Review (PAR), Student Teachers, Placement, Interns, Certificated Evaluations Certificated Tuberculosis, Compliance, University MOU's, C2P2T Pipeline Grant

Phone: (760) 848-1043

Email Marisa

Recruitment Specialist Certificated
Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, New Hires, Transcript & Salary Placement, Certified LiveScan Operator

Elementary Sites: Oasis, Peter Pendleton, Palm View, Saul Martinez, Valle del Sol, Valley View, Westside
Secondary Sites: Bobby Duke Middle School, Cahuilla Desert Academy, Desert Mirage High School, West Shores Middle/High School

Classified Staff


Position & Responsibilities

Edgard j. Angulo
Phone: (760) 848-1086
Email Edgard 
Human Resources Assistant
Applicant Inquiries, Recruitment, Applicant Tracking, New Hire Files,
Employee Services, Seniority List,
Employee Anniversary, Records
Diana c. aguilar
Phone: (760) 848-1083
Email Diana
Recruitment Specialist
Applicant Inquiries, Applicant Tracking, Evaluation Tracking
Recruitment Testing, Student/Workability,
TB Monitor, Volunteer Placement
Jasmine Persaud
Phone: (760) 848-1224
Email Jasmine
HR Specialist
Extended Leaves, TB Tracking,
Volunteers, Change of Name and Address
Maricela Reyes
Phone: (760) 848-1092
Email Maricela
HR Classified Sub Clerk
Classified Substitute hire and placement,
Aesop Expert