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Technology Services provides students and staff with effective development, management and support of instructional technology resources, business and data systems, and network infrastructure to manage and support student learning.

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Our Mission is to enable safe and secure 21st Century learning environments that inspire creativity, innovation, empowerment, and lifelong learning. We provide support in the District’s mission to prepare students for college, career and citizenship. We do this by empowering and enabling educators to deliver leading technology-driven teaching and learning methods to all of our students.


Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives are high level priorities that are critical to the successful fulfillment of the mission of the Technology Services Division. We believe that emphasis and focus in these areas will enable the department to advance to the next level.

We have put together curated information to help you better navigate different services that are used at CVUSD. We have included information and tutorials that best are relevant to your day to day work. Feel free to explore our ever growing knowledge base.

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