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Advisory Committees



Advisory committees provide important input to the Board of Education, District Leadership, and staff on issues facing the school district. The meetings are open to the public. Participation details, meeting minutes and agendas can be found on each committee web page.



Budget Committee

Budget Advisory Committee The Budget Advisory Committee is established via Administrative Regulation 3100

Culture & Climate Committee

Climate and Culture committee The CVUSD School Board, under Board Policy 9130, has established the Climate and Culture Committee to prioritize a district-wide effort that fosters positive school and office environments, while centering on the academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional needs of our students.

Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to discuss new curriculum and review updates needed in our current curricula for CVUSD. The committee reviews any new state or federal legislation which affects staff, students, and/or school administration. Committee also provides recommendations to take next steps and to move us forward. The committee is made of CVUSD Board Members, District Administrators, Senior Directors of Curriculum and Instruction, Site Principals, and other Content and CVUSD Representatives.

DELAC Committee 

District English Learner Advisory Council (DELAC) The District English Learner Advisory Council is responsible for advising the school district governing board on matters pertaining to English learners. All districts with 51 or more English learners are required to have an established DELAC.

DPAC Committee

District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) The District Parent Advisory Council is focused on providing parents of the Coachella Valley Unified School District a collective voice to discuss matters pertaining to our district and schools. Each site has identified two parent representatives to serve this role. Participants provide advice and comment to the Board of Education and Superintendent through feedback on district initiatives, activities, and district plans.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee meets monthly to review the status of construction projects throughout the district. The committee also reviews and provides direction on new initiatives that the Facilities Department brings forward for consideration, prior to being presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Headstart Committee

The Head Start program encourages strong parent involvement by participating in site parent meetings, Parent Policy Council meetings, and other site-related parent activities. Parent volunteerism is strongly encouraged. Parent involvement helps families gain the skills and knowledge that will help them become advocates for their children as they move through the TK-12 systems.

LCAP Committee

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) The District LCAP Advisory Committee reviews and discusses progress on the implementation of LCAP actions and services to meet our district goals. The committee is composed of representatives from our educational partner groups including parents, students, classified staff, certificated staff, board members, school administration, district administration, bargaining units, and community.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee meets to review, create and update district policies involving students, staff, teachers and parents. Policies are shared with all involved parties as soon as policies have been update, created or finalized.

Programs Committee

The Program Committee is focused on reviewing, reflecting on, and providing upgrades to our current CVUSD Programs. The Committee spotlights one program at a time to look for ways to  provide upgrades and significant resources for improvements. In the past, the Program Committee has provided support to the CVUSD Career Technological Education Program and Puente Project to improve the experiences for our students.   

Advisory Committee Liaisons

Advisory Council/Committee Staff Liaison

Budget Committee

Mayela Salcedo

​​​​​​Culture & Climate Committee

Julisa Hernandez

Curriculum Committee

Dr. Michael Williams

DELAC Committee

Dr. Antoinette Gutierrez

DPAC Committee

Gracie Gutierrez

Facilities Committee

David Baucom

Head Start Committee

Marcella Zamudio

​​​​​​LCAP Committee

Dr. Frances Esparza

Policy Committee

Maria Mcleod

​​​​​​Programs Committee

Dr. Michael Williams / Gracie Gutierrez