Safety Tips

When Crossing the Street

  1. Coachella Valley Unified School District bus drivers cross all students- kindergarten through 8th grade who cross the street as they depart the bus. Your bus driver will ask, “Who crosses the street here?” at each bus stop to verify which students require the escort procedure. Pay attention and respond correctly to the driver’s direction.
  2. Always let your bus driver be the first person off the bus. The driver needs to activate the “red lights” that flash on the outside of the bus. This warns cars to stop for children at each bus stop for children crossing the street.
  3. Once the driver is off the bus, you can walk down the bus steps, and wait on the sidewalk, next to the bus, for your bus driver to direct you to cross the street. Never go out into the street without the bus driver telling you to do so!
  4. Always walk between the bus and the bus driver, as you cross the street. Once you are on the other side of the street, stay on that side of the street. Do not play in the street. Go directly home.

Walking To & From School Bus Stops

  1. Go directly to the bus stop and directly home at the end of your bus ride. Plan and use the safest route with the fewest streets to cross.
  2. If possible, cross at a signaled intersection. Always use the crosswalk. Before crossing, look left, right and left, and over your shoulder for traffic.
  3. Watch for turning vehicles.
  4. Do not dart from between parked cars or shrubbery.
  5. Never accept a ride from a stranger.
  6. If possible, face traffic when walking on roads without sidewalks, and always use caution.
  7. Be extra careful during times of sunrise, bad weather, and when it is dark.
  8. Leave home early enough so you do not have to run to your bus stop or school.
  9. All students, including kindergartners, are dropped at their bus stop, even if an adult is not present to meet them. Children should know how to get home, or to daycare, on their own.

School Bus Loading Zones / Bus Stops

  1. Face traffic so you can see the bus approaching. Stand back 10 feet from where the bus will stop. Do not approach the bus until the driver opens the door.
  2. When loading at a school, follow the directions of the driver and/or teacher on bus duty. Stand back 10 feet from where the bus will stop.
  3. Make sure you get on the right bus. Many buses service our district schools at many of the same bus stops. Verify that you are boarding the correct bus.
  4. Teach your child to ask the driver or teacher on bus duty for help if something drops near the bus. NEVER go under or stoop down in front of the any bus to retrieve papers or other items. The bus driver cannot see you in the “danger zone” under the bus.
  5. Never, never run to a bus; always walk.
  6. Destroying property, playing in or running across the street or any type of horseplay at a bus stop is dangerous and prohibited.
  7. Do not bring pets to a bus stop.
  8. Large school projects, large band instruments, scooters, and skateboards cannot be transported on the bus unless it can be safely stored in your child’s backpack. Please make other arrangements to get your child’s items to school.
  9. When the bus is stopped to load or unload, the students are the direct responsibility of the bus driver, and the driver’s direction must be followed.
  10. School buses can only stop at designated bus stops. If you miss the bus, have mom or dad take you to another bus stop or directly to school. Remember; never run after your bus once it leaves!
  11. If waiting for the bus in a car, be on the same side of the road as the bus stop.
Bus Stop Danger Zones