Gender and Race in U.S. Politics

Course Description

UCOP A-G Approved: Section A – History – America History - Grades 11

The purpose of “Race, Gender in the History of U.S. History” is to teach U.S. History from a different perspective – one that emphasizes the role of race, gender, and justice in American history. Students will leave with a more thorough understanding of our nation’s history and a clearer view of current issues around race and gender in our community. “Race, Gender in the History of U.S. Politics” is a yearlong course introducing students to the turning points in the growth of America into a world power. The focus in this class is on how our founding documents created the foundation for a society based on natural rights for all. This course focuses on how different racial, ethnic, and minority groups have worked to make these rights a reality in their daily lives. The founding of the United States, the expansion from sea to sea, the Civil War, Progressive Era, World War One, World War Two, the Civil Rights era, and America Today are all viewed from the lens of the struggle and contributions of women, African Americans, immigrants, Mexican Americans and other minorities to become equal participants in the American experience. This course is designed to challenge the academic advancement of students in United States History.