Graduation and A-G Requirements

CVUSD High School Graduation Requirements

History / Social Studies

3 Years (30 Credits)


4 years (40 Credits)


3 Years (30 Credits) 


                      2 Years (20 Credits)                      10 Credits Life / 10 Credits Physical

World Language

2 Years (20 Credits)

Fine Arts / VAPA

1 Year (10 Credits)

Physical Education

2 Years (20 Credits)


5 Classes (50 credits)

                                                                             Total = 220 Credits

In addition to the requirements above, students must complete an Ethnic Studies course

and minimum iMath 1 in order to receive a high school diploma.


A-G Requirements for UC and Cal State Eligibility

A- History

2 years

B- English

4 years

C -Math

3 years (4 years recommended)

D- Lab Science

2 years (3 years recommended)

E- Foreign Language

2 years (3 years recommended)

F- Visual & Perform Arts

1 year

G- College Prep Electives

1 year


What Makes a Student A-G Eligible?

Students attaining a “C” or better in their A-G classes have met the minimum requirement to be A-G Eligible. (Almost all of our high school courses are A-G approved.

Why is it Important for Students to meet the A-G Eligible Requirements?

1.  California Promise Program: Students are guaranteed enrollment in the CSU system throughout the state of             

     California (pending other requirements).

2.  With a higher GPA, students will be eligible for acceptance to multiple UC/CSU Colleges throughout the state.

3.  There are several scholarship opportunities for students A-G Eligible. 

4.  A-G Eligibility is required for students to even apply to a UC/CSU Colleges. 

5.  Students that are A-G Eligible have prepared themselves at the highest level to be College and Career Ready.