English Language Learner Services


As you navigate our new English Learner Services webpage, you will find resources that will aid our parents, teachers, and staff; as well as develop a better understanding on how to support our growing English Language student population.

Program Overview

For students whose primary language is not English and who have limited English proficiency, Coachella Valley Unified School District offers programs to help them acquire English as quickly as possible and prepare them to meet the state’s academic content standards. Students identified as English Learners are placed with a teacher who has been certified to teach English learners. English Language Development (ELD) instruction is either 1) embedded in the language arts curriculum and administered through the classroom teachers, instructional aides or resource specialist staff or 2) a supplemental component to the English Learner’s core curriculum. In some instances, instruction is provided in Spanish to help those students having difficulty understanding the English language. In-class support is available for core content areas and supplemental ELD instruction. State-approved English Language Development (ELD) materials are used in the classroom and for individualized intervention. As students increase fluency in the English language, school administrators reevaluate proficiency levels and adjust individualized instructional needs accordingly to ensure continued improvement.

Gracie Gutierrez
Director of English Learner Services

Phone: 760-848-1028

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