Dual Language Immersion Program

Dual Language Program Overview

The California (CA) Education for a Global Economy (Ed.G.E.) Initiative, or Proposition 58, was approved by voters in November 2016. The purpose of the CA Ed.G.E. Initiative is to ensure that all children in California public schools receive the highest quality education, master the English language, and access high-quality, innovative, and research-based language programs that prepare them to participate in a global economy. In order to more fully align to the intention of this law and the most current research, Coachella Valley USD has recently launched an initiative to expand our CVUSD Dual Language Immersion program. In the Fall of 2020 all 14 CVUSD elementary schools will offer Dual Language Immersion as an instructional program of choice to all incoming kindergarten students. Although CVUSD has offered some form of bilingual education classes for many decades, those programs have not always been standardized and directed from the district level. The current CVUSD Dual Language Program was developed throughout the 2016-2017 school year with input from dual language teachers, principals and stakeholders from various CVUSD community groups. The process, under the direction of the English Language Learner Services Department, included the study of current dual language research, district data, surveys and design sessions using the book, Guiding Principles of Dual Language Education, 2nd edition. The Guiding Principles of Dual Language Education is published by the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), is endorsed by the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), and is generally considered the expert’s guide in planning and monitoring dual language programs.


To provide quality dual language programs that foster integrated proficiencies in language, academics, multiculturalism and metacognition.


We envision a TK-12th grade program of excellence in which all students realize their full potential academically, linguistically, culturally and cognitively to fully appreciate and participate in a diverse global society.

Program Goals

  • Language proficiency – Students develop high levels of linguistic proficiency in both Spanish and English.

  • Academic proficiency – Students attain high levels of academic proficiency in both Spanish and English coursework.

  • Multicultural proficiency – Students develop an understanding and appreciation of traditions and values of various cultures in our society and around the world.

  • Metacognitive proficiency – Students develop an understanding of the common underlying proficiencies inherent in cross-linguistic, cross-academic and cross-cultural studies, and how the development of these competencies increases their social and cognitive capacities.

Program Benefits for Students

  • Empowers students to achieve the highest academic, social, and linguistic skills furthering their access to future educational and economic success.

  • Students are instructed according to the Common Core Content Standards for grade level competencies in all subject areas in both English and Spanish.

  • Learning a second language stimulates the brain to develop higher level reasoning skills, which transfer to complex critical thinking in math, science, and language arts.

  • Children who are educated in two languages have stronger self-esteem with more tolerance for, and more interest in, other cultures.

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Dual Language Program Brochure

Student Criteria for Initial Enrollment and Re‐entry


  1. All students eligible to attend CVUSD schools may enroll in the Dual Language Program, regardless of language background. 

  2. Any student may enter the program in Kindergarten or during the first semester of first grade. A small number of students, often from Spanish-speaking families, may be considered for the program at other grade levels when they can demonstrate language skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the program. Placement is decided by an Assessment Team. 

  3. Parents should understand that becoming bilingual (exhibiting cognitive, academic and linguistic benefits of the DLP) takes approximately seven years in an intense learning environment. It is therefore desirable for students to participate through at least the 6th grade.

  4. Family involvement is a major factor in student success. 

Enrollment Process

The DLP is a highly sought‐after specialized enrichment program for students within CVUSD. In order to ensure the program goals are met, a process is in place so that classes are filled based on several criteria. Each step of the process must be completed by the stated deadlines or students risk losing program acceptance or priority on the waitlist. This process takes place in the spring of each year for the incoming kindergarten class and on an ongoing basis for all other students.

  1. DLP Orientation and Application Form: Success in the DLP requires a long‐term parent commitment and a high level of parent involvement. Whether parents are English or Spanish speaking, they will need to provide support to their child as he or she studies both languages. Therefore, parents are required to attend an orientation and sign a parent compact prior to enrolling their child. NOTE: California state law no longer requires parents to sign a waiver in order to participate in dual language programs.

  1. Parent Compacts: Parents will sign and complete a Parent Compact to assure alignment between the goals and expectations of both parents and program.

  2. Assessment: Students may be given a language assessment to determine the level of readiness and proficiency in the primary language. This information may be used to help create balanced classrooms when necessary.

  3. Notification of Acceptance: Students who complete the above steps within the priority deadline will receive a written notification of acceptance until classes are filled, based on the following priorities:

  • Student resides within CVUSD attendance area and has a sibling in the program.

  • Student resides within CVUSD attendance area

  • Student resides outside of CVUSD attendance area and is a child of an CVUSD employee

  • Student resides outside of CVUSD attendance area (following inter‐district enrollment policies)

Waiting List

Waiting lists will be created by first come, first serve when applicants meeting stated criteria exceeds available spaces at a given grade level.

Intra‐ and Inter‐District Transfer

Parents who reside outside the school’s or district’s regular attendance boundaries will need to complete an Inter-District request at the Child Welfare and Attendance Office. Inter-District transfer criteria apply.