Instructional Minutes

DL Minutes

The Coachella Valley Dual Language Program design is aligned to the latest research and the mission of providing quality dual language programs that foster integrated proficiencies in language, academics, multiculturalism and metacognition. The program follows the 90:10 model in elementary schools with a 10% variance in Kindergarten due to the district mandate of 45 minutes of ELD. In CVUSD Dual Language Programs, the home language, Spanish, is considered an asset to be developed alongside English. Language proficiency goals are rigorous with English Learner participants expected to be at grade level in their home language (L1) and approaching proficiency in their second language (L2) by the end of 2nd grade. This language proficiency in L1 should be maintained throughout the elementary years, with the English Learner reclassifying by the end of 6th grade.

Elementary Program Model

80:20 – The first number ‘80’ refers to the percentage of instructional time initially spent for instruction in the target language (Spanish) in Kindergarten. The second number ‘20’ refers to the percentage of instructional time spent for instruction English. In our 80:20 model, the amount of the target language decreases yearly as English increases until there is a 50:50 balance of the languages in grades four through six.

Middle School Program Model

In middle school, students will have two classes in Spanish, Social Studies and a Spanish Language Arts elective, as well as their English coursework.

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