DL Teacher Resources


The highest levels of student achievement are realized with a coherent, cohesive and common instructional framework and assessment model. Criteria for selecting curriculum are based on research and scientific findings of the most effective teaching methods; and, the “instructional expectations” set by state and federal leaders, otherwise known as content standards, as well as accountability measures for student achievement.


The Dual Language curriculum, aligned to state, and national standards and district goals, is interdisciplinary and fully articulated for all students. Its instruction, materials, and assessments are to be engaging and relevant for all students by content area (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.) in the language of instruction. These materials and assessments are District approved.


Textbook Adoption

The program shall strive to continue to extend and expand student learning by using district‐adopted curriculum that is consistent with program goals and second language acquisition research. During district textbook adoption cycles, the adoption committee shall have equitable representation from Dual Language teachers in those grades affected. Whenever feasible, adoption of district programs will include a counterpart in Spanish for DLPs. When parallel Spanish curriculum is not available, the District Dual Language Guidance Team and/or the District Dual Language administrator may choose to recommend adoption of a Spanish curriculum that is more aligned to Dual Language research and pedagogy.

Curriculum Review

At least once a year, the District Dual Language Guidance Team certificated members shall conduct a review of adopted curriculum with the goal of continuous development and improvement of the curriculum and its implementation. The effective incorporation of technology to deepen and enhance learning shall be a part of this annual curriculum review.