Heat Illness Prevention Plan

Injury & Illness Prevention Plan

 COVID-Injury & Illness Prevention Plan 

Safety Plan 

The Heat, Injury Illness Prevention Plan is the foundation of our employee safety plan.

Industrial Accident (IA) Process and Investigation

  1. Immediately notify your Supervisor/Principal
  2. Call the Company Nurse Injury Hotline 1-877-518-6702 to report the injury, this will facilitate immediate access to appropriate medical treatment.
  3. Complete the Accident/Injury Packet with Risk Management
  4. Forward all medical notes to Risk Management to avoid sick/pay deductions

Industrial Accident Forms

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Keenan SafeSchools On-Line Safety Training

  • Login with your full employee ID number (6 digits)
  • Password is your employee ID number (first 5 digits only)

Report Unsafe Conditions

Employees have a right and the responsibility to report unsafe conditions. Report concerns to your Site Administrator or feel free to contact Risk Management at 760-848-1057.

Codes of Safe Practices

Codes of Safe Practices Coaches and PE Teachers

Codes of Safe Practices Food Services Workers

Codes of Safe Practices Groundsworker

Codes of Safe Practices Maintenance Workers

Codes of Safe Practices Special Education

Codes of Safe Practices Clerical Staff

Codes of Safe Practices Teachers and Aides

Codes of Safe Practices Science Departments

Codes of Safe Practices Custodians

Safety Inspection Sheets

Child Abuse Reporting

Suspected Child Abuse Information

Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Form