Submitting a Track IT Work Order

The purpose of the Track-It system is to provide a single system to submit Technology or Copy Center work orders. The Track-It system will send you an e-mail when your work order has been completed. Additionally, you may inquire as to the status of a work order request at any time by using the Track-It system.

To access the Track-It system, perform the following steps;

  • Open a web browser and type the address: http://trackitweb
  • For users using mobile devices, Macs, or FireFox:
You will see a prompt for your network credentials (It is the same user name and password as your email account)
  • If you are not automatically logged in you will see the “Welcome to Self Service” screen below. Click on “Log in using your Windows account”
  • After successfully logging in you will see your home screen

You can close your own work orders if you have found your own solutions, or if you want to cancel your work order because a problem no longer exists. If you cancel a work order the Technician will be notified by TrackIt.

If you have any problems accessing the Track-It work order system please ask your neighbor to enter the work order for you and notify Adrian Chico

Adrian Chico

IT Coordinator
Phone: (760) 848-1167