Transportation Services

The Coachella Valley Unified School District Transportation Department provides home-to-school transportation to traditional, on 11 months regular education and special education students who reside within the board-approved busing guidelines, as well as transportation for field trips. The district's buses travel more than 1.3 million miles a year and transport more than 9,500 students each day.

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Rules & Discipline


Safety Tips

Our Mission

The mission of the CVUSD Transportation is to provide a safe, reliable and efficient transportation experience for all of our eligible students to and from school, as well as all extracurricular activity trips.

Safety is our priority. Safety includes obeying all laws, managing the behavior of the pupils, and properly controlling accidents trough defensive driving. Timeliness is our goal. Timeliness includes being on time when reporting for work, when arriving at each bus stop, and when arriving at each school site. Efficiency is what we strive to achieve. Efficiency includes keeping our fuel costs down by avoiding unnecessary vehicle mileage, avoiding vehicle abuse, and keeping our fleet well maintained and certified.

Coachella Valley Unified also recognizes the important role buses play in saving lives, reducing traffic and improving air quality. The district operates one of the cleanest fleets in California. Thanks to grants from our local air quality district, Coachella Valley Unified currently operates 11 buses that run on clean, compressed natural gas and propane. In addition, the district received grant funding that enabled the placement of 58 particulate traps on buses - dramatically reducing emissions. Currently, Coachella Valley Unified is pursuing other grant opportunities to test one of the first hybrid electric school buses when they become available.

How to calculate the time your student will be home on a minimum day

The drivers run the same route as on a regular schedule so if your student has a 20 minute ride it should still be around 20 minutes from the time school gets out.


School is normally out at 3:00 pm and my student gets home at 3:45 pm so the ride is 45 minutes. If the school gets out at 1:00 pm today add the 45 minutes and they should be home at around 1:45 p.m.